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Hive Mind 473

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Hive Mind 473 is a course designed to facilitate the development of young people along their journey toward a purpose-driven life, while making meaningful positive impact in their society and at large. This course will provide its candidates with the framework for self actualization; making meaningful impact; and developing an entrepreneurial mindset for financial independence. Our course has three (3) main components: >A Self-Paced Online Course covering STEAM subject areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) with a minor focus on Entrepreneurship. This course encourages active lifelong learning; integrates cross-domain knowledge for richer learning experiences; teaches leadership qualities; and inspires solutions to societal and environmental issues. >An In-person Laboratory component where students get the opportunity to acquaint with laboratory gear, equipment, and techniques in Formulation Chemistry, Microbiology, Microscopy, Gene Editing and more. >An In-Field component (Apiary/Beekeeping Farm) where students learn the skill of Beekeeping, Hive Management, Honeybee (Apis mellifera) Biology, Harvesting and more. Special Feature: >Opportunity for a paid internship (stipend) at a biotech-wellness startup in Grenada known as Isle Bee Well Inc to cover basic expenses (transportation fee, lunch, basic student needs) >Access to tutoring/coaching

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