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Pollen Health Bar

Pollen Health Bar


An all-natural Health Bar modelled after the Mediterranean Diet that has a rich assortment of Nuts, Seeds, Rolled Oats, Cocoa nib, dried local Fruit, Spices, Honey and Bee Pollen. This bar has a lovely caramel-like taste with an enjoyable crunch factor that brings a smile to a dull day. With 3g of pollen, 8g protein and 177 calories per serving this health bar should supplement your fitness and wellness goals.

House of Chocolate

  • HOC Museum, Young Street, St. George
  •  Bakery (True Blue Bay Resort), True Blue, St. George
  • SGU Outlet, True Blue, St. George

La Belle Vie Cafe (Le Phare Bleu), Egmont, St. George

Prickly Bay Marina Mini Mart, Lance Aux Epine, St. George

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