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An island-based enterprise promoting a lifestyle of wellness and sustainability, offering biobased Self Care and Home Care solutions inspired by bees.  Using biomimicy we are reimaging the full spectrum of household products, from beauty to home cleaning, we envision as a biocompatible ecosystem of products that's safe for familty and the environment.

Isle Bee Well - Apiary Portraits-13.jpg


Honey Facial Moisturizer_zoomed.jpg

Organic Product

Sensitive Skin

Barrier Support

75% Less Plastic

Reimagine cleaning.
Reduce waste.
Reclaim our habitats.



Superior Cleaning


Waste minimization

Mindfulness in a bottle.
Allergy Relief.
Sleep Aid.

Isle Bee Well-Propolis.jpg

Allergy Relief

Neuro Support

Biobased Extracts

Immune Support

Eat Healthy.
Stay Fit.
Live Well.

Isle Bee Well - Pollen Health Bar.jpg

2000+ Healthy Eaters

Nutritionally Balanced

Mediterranean Diet

Sugar Free

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